estonoesunsolar winner of #BellaFuori3 international #publicspace competition Fondazione del Monte di Bologna

estonoesunsolar proposal “Plug & Play” has been selected as winner of the international competition #BellaFuori3 held by Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna. During the winning cerimony at Urban Center Bologna the Bologna major Virginio Merola, the Foundation president Marco Cammelli, the San Vitale  district president Milena Naldi, the Jury  president Mario Cucinella have enhalced the project’ spatial and social high qaulity and innovation. Patrizia Di Monte in representation of the winning group composed by Ignacio Grávalos, Elena Vincenzi and Giorgio Volpe architects, will take part to the presentation on the project final phase. A new round of neighbor’ s participation is going to start to define the the new common space through Croce del Biacco Community Center in San Vitale.

estonoesunsolar #BellaFuori3

estonoesunsolar #BellaFuori3 pianta+sez

estonoesunsolar #BellaFuori3

BellaFuori 3 gravalosdimonte

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estonoesunsolar in the book #erasmuseffect 50 #italianarchitectsabroad @Museo MAXXI

estonoesunsolar has been published in the book: #erasmuseffect: 50 #italianarchitectsabroad curated by Pippo Ciorra at @Museo MAXXI.

MAXXI #erasmuseffect book gravalosdimonte architectsThe exhibition Erasmus Effect investigates the progressive acceleration that the phenomenon of “migrant” Italian architecture has undergone in recent decades. From the work of the established international companies to the projects and built works of the young Italian studios, shedding light on both the “widespread quality” of their work and the dense network of collaborations and trans-national ateliers born in the wake of the “Erasmus generation”. And lastly, the “star” migrants, not just architects, but voices, faces and stories capable of recounting a very extensive phenomenon and to lend energy and substance to the commitment of those striving to ensure that this precious Italian talent may return home. Curated by Pippo Ciorra.