generative commons call for papers for International Conference

As a partner of the Horizon 2020 gE.CO Living Lab project, with the University of Turin we are launching a multidisciplinary call for papers on the main aspects and implications of the urban commons phenomena in Europe. Selected candidates will take part in the International Conference of Urban Commons which will be held in June, at the University of Turin.

The deadline for applications is January 31st 2021.

Read more about the call requirements, procedure and deadlines here: gE.CO call for papers International Conference

Please forward your applications to:

Candidates should submit an abstract on one or more sensitive topics related to one or more issues proper to urban commons, such as:

-Urban commons and the law: practical and theoretical issues.

-Governance of urban commons: models, problems, perspectives, best practices.

-The social and economic impact of urban commons: urban regeneration, anti-

-Gentrification strategies, inclusion of minorities and measurement of social impact.

Temporary uses and urban commons.

-Technology and urban commons: digital tools for the promotion and management of urban commons, failures and success.

Selected candidates will present their papers at the International Conference of Urban Commons which will be held in June 2021 at the University of Turin, Italy.

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