estonoesunsolar invited professors at e-scape Transitional settlement workshop AUB American University of Beirut

This week we will join the Landscape Department at American University of Beirut taking part to «e-scape · transitional settlement» workshop.

The workshop aims to address the Syrian refugee issue in Lebanon tackling the landscape architecture contribution on improving the quality of life in the transitional settlements scattered in the country in close to 1,700 locations throughout Lebanon.
The deteriorating situation calls for the development and implementation of interventions able to face the problem of settlements and shelter needs for these displaced population. As landscape architect we can help people, that are experiencing the separation from their family, home, culture, society, in recreating the Sense of Place, of belonging. Professors, researchers, students,  and local communities will define a strategy of intervention at the large scale tackling environmental problems and giving new input/ideas, and at the smaller scale of the community to practically implement project for community and social interaction, and for children interaction building place where they can regain the children status, and learning while playing. The influx, movements and localizations of legal and illegal settlements are shaping and creating new landscapes. Together we will work to harmonize and coordinate the different local and refugee needs as well as the responsibility towards spatial, cultural, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects. How is it possible to preserve the characters of the landscape and its peculiarity as well as quality in the continuously changing territories?

estonoesunsolar professor of transitional landscape american university beirut

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