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4 new temporary public spaces in 3 districts of Zaragoza


Due to the crisis many  vacant lands are waiting to be developped up to the master plan. In this meanwhile, 4  new temporary interventions of public space have been built during 2013 in 3 districts of Zaragoza:

1- Almozara, Etopia – Ciem buildings;

2- Rabal, Zaragoza Activa – Azucarera buildings;

3- Santa Isabel, beside an existing empty silo wich could be the new center of this ditrict;

4-Delicias intervention began in 2010 have been completed.

estonoesunsolar Etopia 2013 gravalosdimonte arquitectos 5

estonoesunsolar Etopia 2013 gravalosdimonte arquitectos web

estonoesunsolar Etopia 2013 gravalosdimonte arquitectos 6

estonoesunsolar  Rabal 2013 gravalosdimonte arquitectos

Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda.


estonoesunsolar #32 at @etopia_ work in progress


estonoesunsolar work in progress at etopiaEn vista de la celebración del V Congreso Iberoamerico de Cultura que se celebrará en noviembre, ha arrancado la obra del solar @etopia_ y @ciemzaragoza, en colaboración con el servicio de Parques y Jardines del Ayto. de Zaragoza. Keep posted.

estonoesunsolar a Bologna Smart City Exhibition_ Smart Public Space


estonoesunsolar _Smart city exhibition Bolognaestonoesunsolar, as Biennale Spazio Pubblico_02 winner, has been invited to take part at Bologna Smart City Exhibition, within the panel “Smart Public Space : tattiche di riuso dello spazio pubblico“. From 16 to 18 October 2013, Bologna will host the second edition of Smart City Exhibition, the fair arising from the collaboration between BOLOGNA FIERE and FORUM PA. Smart City Exhibition is dedicated to cities and to the extraordinary developments that today technology allows to improve quality of life, efficiency and participation. A place where Public Administration, companies, universities, research, experts and citizens will meet to discuss about the cities of future. This exhibition, under the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of the Minister of Environment, of the European Commission, of the City of Bologna, of the Province of Bologna and of Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities), aims at becoming the Italian FORUM where the most advanced realities of urban life and communication meet, through a new way of participation more interactive and to be experienced.


estonoesunsolar en las #JornadasLCV2013 _ La ciudad Viva: del urbanismo a la ciudadanía


jornadas la ciudad viva 2013 gravalosdimontejornadas la ciudad viva_13 mesa redonda estonoesunsolarestonoesunsolar participa en las  #JornadasLCV2013 los días 9, 10 y 11 de Octubre en Sevilla.  El primer día, 9 de Octubre, estará dedicado a la reflexión sobre los espacios y equipamientos públicos de nuestras ciudades, entendiendo éstos como soporte facilitador de la gestión social de la ciudad. Tras la inauguración de las Jornadas por parte de Jose Antonio García Cebrián, Viceconsejero de la Consejería de Fomento y Vivienda y la presentación a cargo de la Directora General de Rehabilitación y Arquitectura de la Consejería de Fomento y Vivienda de la Junta de Andalucía, Gaia Redaelli, tendrá lugar La Ponencia Marco del maestro José Fariña, y comenzará una amplia mesa de debate con representantes de los Proyectos: estonoesunsolar, El campo de la cebada (1 representante de Zuloark y un vecino), Tramallol, David Gómez (AAVVLa Revuelta), La Ciudad Amable y Ciudad crea ciudad (Pkmn) que moderará CARLOS MÁRMOL. Al debate y posterior paréntesis para la comida, le seguirán los talleres de trabajo, en los que se tratarán de concretar las cuestiones del debate susceptibles de trasladar al “Manifiesto-Diccionario” del Urbanismo a la Ciudad.anía. Por último se presentará el Proyecto Editorial LCV por Reyes Gallegos y Fiorella Russo, con posterior coloquio del que participarán innovadoras iniciativas andaluzas en el campo editorial, del que participarán Viboks-works, la Revista URBS y Stepienybarno.


10 ideas about estonoesunsolar _ 28 placemaking examples in the city of Zaragoza


estonoesunsolar_2009+2010_gravalosdimonte copia1_objetive. Contemporary cities present a wide variety of unresolved issues, as shown by the many different abandoned empty plots and empty buildings existing in the urban fabric. This situation has been taken advantage of by the inhabitants of Zaragoza as an opportunity to intervene directly in the city. The “Estonoesunsolar” programme of Zaragoza City Council, commits to the recovery of PUBLIC SPACE as the backbone of today’s city, through the occupation of empty plots for tremporary public use. “Estonoesunsolar” started off with temporary interventions in abandoned plots in the historical quarter of the city, of public and private ownership.  Later, given their great success, they spread to the rest of the city.The programme offers a quick answer to the needs of each neighbourhood, analysing the socio-economic conditions, amenities and green spaces that already exist, as well as the deficiencies of each area.  Social cohesion is favoured through citizen participation processes. At the same time, many different cultural and educational activities have been carried out that emphasise the value of the interventions, inviting citizens to experience these spaces. The program’s initial goal was to develop an Employment Plan, which should involve 50 workers for cleaning empty plots of the Historic Center of Zaragoza. On that premise, it raised the possibility of developing a set of proposals, that beyond strictly complying with the objectives, allowed the temporary occupation of the empty plots, offering a range of temporary uses for these frequently misunderstood places.. These proposals start from the program “everyday gaps (los vacíos cotidianos),” held in 2006 within the framework of  “en la frontera (on the edge)” of Zaragoza, in which the same authors were able to begin testing the ideas about the temporary occupation of sites, this time in an “artistic” context, with different constraints but holding the same concepts.

2_ the accident. The proposals arise from the observation of different and numerous existing sites in the context of Zaragoza historic city center, assumed as unexplained gaps in many cases (and surprising in most of them). In some of the sites, the demolition of a small wall has been enough for a sudden vacuum to appear, showing cold in their nakedness, out of context, and that surprisingly opens up new visuals, hidden until then, to create a new contemporary urban space. There is a reading of the city with the codes of an “non-written urbanism“, spontaneous in some cases, and consolidated in others. In this regard, and given that applications are developed following studies of needs demanded by associations and neighbours, it is a flexible tool to start responding to specific problems.

3_the  vacuum. Value has been put in the suggestion of emptiness, the void, the invisible and silence. These temporary loosening of the plot is a dynamic tool, changing (temporarily), allowing a flexible and alternative reading of the city and the public spaces. It aims for non-material and ethereal solutions , expressing the provisional nature of its presence and establish a dialectic with their in-built environments. Vacuum is hoped to be the creator of situations and events.

4_the name. From the outset it was considered essential to find a name for the interventions, which give meaning to a program without program, without a property owner, to a un built site, to a nameless space. The program was called “estonoesunsolar”(this-is-not-an-empty-site). It was desired to escape from the constraints imposed by words and their meanings, with the intention from the beginning, to propose a new look (this is not a site, this is not what it looks like, look at it with different eyes …). In short, it was an invitation to think again, to imagine possible contents, to propose new situations and create passionate places (to make a privileged place from every idea). (more…)

estonoesunsolar winning project at LLGAwards 2013 Cities pilot the future _ San Francisco


estonoesunsolar  awarded at LLGA2013 as one of the best urban solutions :
after 3 months of research, 2,535 candidates and two rounds of Jury involving 159 global experts we are definitely one of the 22 LLGA2013 winners! There were 120 nominated urban and social solutions for this year’ s 22 participating cities. The LLGA | Cities Summit held this week in San Francisco, where leading solution providers connected with municipal decision makers to share and further inform their communities. An exclusive event for representatives from the 22 participating cities and other invited cities, as well as the winning solution providers. Cities are typically represented by officials related to their challenge as well as representatives from their smart city/innovation departments who are scouting for interesting companies.  Gravalosdimonte architects had the great opportunity to share their knowledge and connect with cities in the LLGA 2013 summit in San Francisco as the aim of  is to provide   smart solutions  and improve the lives of citizens around the world.

estonoesunsolar winner LLGA 2013 best urban solution

estonoesunsolar among the best urban solutions of and LLGA2013_ Smart Cityscape maximizing existing resources


estonoesunsolar is one of the best urban solutions among the and LLGA2013:
after 3 months of research, 2,535 candidates and one round of Jury involving 159 global experts we are happy to be among the LLGA2013 nominees! There are 120 nominated urban and social solutions for this year’ s 22 participating cities.
The LLGA | Cities Summit will be held May 14-16 2013 in San Francisco. Leading solution providers connect with municipal decision makers to share and further inform their communities. It is an exclusive event for representatives from the 22 participating cities and other invited cities, as well as the nominated solution providers. Cities are typically represented by officials related to their challenge as well as representatives from their smart city/innovation departments who are scouting for interesting companies. From May 13 until may 16 we’ ll be in San Francisco to share our knowledge and learn from other’ s expert experience in Smart City, hoping we can be the winners!

estonoesunsolar best urban solution citymartSOLUTION AREAS

  • Mobility & Transport
  • Economic development, Inclusion & Sharing
  • Ageing, Health & Wellbeing
  • Facilities & Urban Management
  • Utilities, Lighting & Energy
  • Culture & Media
  • Government 2.0 & Participation
  • Sustainable Lifestyles

Selected solutions are invited to implement a pilot in order to evaluate impact, provide input into product development, gain a validated market reference and improve procurement and regulation. From May 13 until may 16 we will be in San Francisco to share our knowledge and learn from other’ s expert experience. (more…)

estonoesunsolar llega a tres nuevos solares de Zaragoza


El Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, a través de la Sociedad Municipal de Vivienda y en el marco del programa experimental estonoesunsolar, llevará a cabo tres nuevas intervenciones que permitirán recuperar para uso ciudadano espacios que actualmente no tenían aprovechamiento. Los 3 solares en los que se actuará son los de las esquinas de Mas de las Matas con Marques de la Cadena (Arrabal) y Miguel Labordeta con Aniñón de la Cañada (Delicias) y el situado entre las calles Sauce, Antonio Fernández Molina y Juventud (Santa Isabel).

gravalosdimonteestonoesunsolar rabal detalle 2

plano resumen de las 28 intervenciones del programa estonoesunsolar


Plano de los emplazamientos de los 28 solares recuperados a través el programa municipal estonoesunsolar, metro espacio-temporal, superficie, coste, asociaciones involucradas, y ámbito de difusión entre 2009 y 2010. Los primeros 14 solares se concentran en el Casco Histórico ya que en 2009 la iniciativa es impulsada por su Junta Municipal.  Entre julio y diciembre de 2009 se “reciclan”, a través de  procesos de microcirugía urbana, un total de 14 solares, casi 10.000 m² transformándos en áreas de juegos infantiles, canchas deportivas, huertos y áreas verdes ,en colaboración con los colegios, asociaciones para la infancia, centros de mayores y otras asociaciones vecinales del distrito. En 2010 el programa se transforma en un plan municipal extendiéndose a toda la ciudad, pasando de una escala de barrio a una escala territorial.  Esto permitió llevar a cabo unas intervenciones, a modo de acupuntura urbana, de integración en el paisaje, de definición de áreas de borde urbano e integrando nuevos espacios verdes en los ámbitos de las riberas del Ebro. Otros 14 solares, uno por cada distrito y por un total de 32.000 m², se transforman en parques, áreas de juegos infantiles, áreas deportivas y huertos. Todos los proyectos son fruto de la colaboración entre la Oficina Técnica estonoesunsolar de la Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda, las Juntas de cada Distrito en el que se intervenía, y un total de casi 60 asociaciones.

estonoesunsolar_diagram_activities_gravalosdimonte architects

estonoesunsolar 1er premio SAIE Selection 12 awards_Rigenerazione e recupero urbano


estonoesunsolar recibe el 1er premio SAIE Selection 12 awards_Rigenerazione e recupero urbano por los proyectos de revitalización urbana.

Entrega de premios y presentación de los proyectos premiados en: International Buildings Exhibition Bologna Fiere, 20 ottobre 2012, h. 10,00