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estonoesunsolar lecturer in Smart City Expo World Congress – Citizen engagement & participation

estonoesunsolar will participate at Smart City Expo World Congress, sharing their experience within the “Citizen engagement & participation” panel. City governments are looking for new ways of collaborating with their citizens, in order to bridge the difficulty between making decisions and active citizenship. What are some of the new successful strategies for gaining citizen participation?
smart city expo world congress smart citizens estonoesunsolar
smart city expo world congress smart citizens estonoesunsolar gravalosdimonte architects
Dan Parham Co-founder, CEO Neighborland San Francisco – USA
Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts Project Manager Forum Virium Helsinki Helsinki – Finland
Dante Ricci Global Marketing and Communications Public Services SAP Public Services USA
Patrizia Di Monte Town planning professor, Social Architecture professor ETSA San Jorge University  Zaragoza – Spain 
Deise Martins  Deputy Chief of Staff – Mayor’s Office  Canoas City Hall  Canoas – Brazil. 

estonoesunsolar en el workshop internacional Public Identity and Common Space_Roma3


estonoesunsolar del 6 al 12 de mayo será parte del profesorado, junto a FRANÇOIS VADEPIED e MATHIEU GONTIER (Wagon Landscaping, Parigi), GERMAN VANZUELA (Universidad de Talca, Cile), MARCELO DANZA (Taller Danza, Universidad de Uruguay), en el workshop internacional “PICS: Publc identity and common spaces_Pietralata Paesaggi prossimi” de Living Urban Space + Departamento de Arquitectura + Master de Arte y Arquitectura de Roma3, coordinado por Francesco Careri, con la colaboración de Anna Lambertini, Annalisa Metta y Maria Livia Olivetti:

PICS LUS Roma 3 gravalosdimonte estonoesunsolar

estonoesunsolar among the best urban solutions of and LLGA2013_ Smart Cityscape maximizing existing resources


estonoesunsolar is one of the best urban solutions among the and LLGA2013:
after 3 months of research, 2,535 candidates and one round of Jury involving 159 global experts we are happy to be among the LLGA2013 nominees! There are 120 nominated urban and social solutions for this year’ s 22 participating cities.
The LLGA | Cities Summit will be held May 14-16 2013 in San Francisco. Leading solution providers connect with municipal decision makers to share and further inform their communities. It is an exclusive event for representatives from the 22 participating cities and other invited cities, as well as the nominated solution providers. Cities are typically represented by officials related to their challenge as well as representatives from their smart city/innovation departments who are scouting for interesting companies. From May 13 until may 16 we’ ll be in San Francisco to share our knowledge and learn from other’ s expert experience in Smart City, hoping we can be the winners!

estonoesunsolar best urban solution citymartSOLUTION AREAS

  • Mobility & Transport
  • Economic development, Inclusion & Sharing
  • Ageing, Health & Wellbeing
  • Facilities & Urban Management
  • Utilities, Lighting & Energy
  • Culture & Media
  • Government 2.0 & Participation
  • Sustainable Lifestyles

Selected solutions are invited to implement a pilot in order to evaluate impact, provide input into product development, gain a validated market reference and improve procurement and regulation. From May 13 until may 16 we will be in San Francisco to share our knowledge and learn from other’ s expert experience. (more…)

estonoesunsolar selected in Future Cities awards_13 Biennale Architettura_exhibition Magazzini del Sale


estonoesunsolar is one of the 10 selected projects inFUTURE CITIES – PLANNING FOR THE 90 PER CENT”, Celeste Prize. Visual projects in any media capable of transforming our urban spaces. Artists, photographers, architects and designers where invited to reflect on issues facing people in private and public spaces around the world, such as housing, transport, environment, leisure, overcrowding, proposing low cost, low tech solutions to improve conditions and understanding. In forty years time, seven out of the world’s nine billion inhabitants will be living in cities. Almost half will be living in non-formal accommodation. The need to improve the metabolism of the metropolis by designing for conditions and environments which have always been considered emergency situations is now urgent and necessary. 13ª Biennale Architettura, Patrizia Di Monte 27/08 h 18,00 Magazzini del Sale, Venezia.

estonoesunsolar finalista City to City FAD awards 2012


estonoesunsolar, tras haber sido nominado, ha resultado uno de los programas finalistas del City to City FAD Award 2012, premio que concede el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y el FAD (Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño) para reconocer procesos urbanos que han supuesto una transformación global en la realidad de una determinada ciudad a escala internacional. estonoesunsolar, desarrollado en la ciudad de Zaragoza, es un programa experimental de regeneración urbana gracias al cual se han transformado 28 solares abandonados, por un total de 42.000 m², en espacios públicos, con carácter casi siempre transitorio, contando con la participación de más de 40 asociaciones vecinales, culturales, de mayores, colegios, Juntas de distrito ecc.., en 13 meses, generando  nuevos empleos para 110 parados de larga duración.