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estonoesunsolar lecturer in Smart City Expo World Congress – Citizen engagement & participation

estonoesunsolar will participate at Smart City Expo World Congress, sharing their experience within the «Citizen engagement & participation» panel. City governments are looking for new ways of collaborating with their citizens, in order to bridge the difficulty between making decisions and active citizenship. What are some of the new successful strategies for gaining citizen participation?
smart city expo world congress smart citizens estonoesunsolar
smart city expo world congress smart citizens estonoesunsolar gravalosdimonte architects
Dan Parham Co-founder, CEO Neighborland San Francisco – USA
Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts Project Manager Forum Virium Helsinki Helsinki – Finland
Dante Ricci Global Marketing and Communications Public Services SAP Public Services USA
Patrizia Di Monte Town planning professor, Social Architecture professor ETSA San Jorge University  Zaragoza – Spain 
Deise Martins  Deputy Chief of Staff – Mayor’s Office  Canoas City Hall  Canoas – Brazil.