@estonoesunsolar in «Do it yourself. Creating urban space» Vilnius National Art Gallery

Estonoesunsolar will take part in «Do it yourself. Creating urban space», at Vilnius National Art Gallery,  Konstitucijos pr. 22, Vilnius, September 18th, 20.00 h.

“DO-IT-YOURSELF. Creating public urban space”. Surrounding living environment is a public space experienced beyond the borders of private properties. While the public space belongs to everyone and all, the responsibility of its shaping process is currently overtaken by public authorities. How do citizens can regain their right to the city? The thirteenth series of lectures organized by “Architecture [discussion] fund” will explore and discuss a do-it-yourself urbanism as an alternative for the environment creation process. Since we all are users of a public space, how can we become its active creators?

estonoesunsolar GRAVALOSDIMONTE ARCHITECTUREFUND Vilnius National Art Gallery

Organized by ARCHITECTURE [DISSCUSSION] FUND, an educational initiative based on completely voluntary participation and its activity is noncommercial.




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