estonoesunsolar in the book Urban Beauty!

libro Urban Beauty estonoesunsolar gravalosdimonte arquitectosestonoesunsolar has been published in the book: «Urban Beauty! Luoghi prossimi e pratiche di resistenza estetica» The book proposes a journey through Europe, to tell stories of change – of cityscapes,  ideas and forms of contemporary garden, clichés – conducted by different actors and in different ways , but all share the same desire to build habitat newspapers more beautiful.  From the creative reuse of surface parking in the re-reading of squares and streets like unexpected play areas , owned by the reconfiguration of empty green areas aseptic forgotten and the affirmation of a poetic art of the garden resistant: to compose a landscape is diverse and vibrant landscapes of the everyday life, the fact of critical actions , practices and imaginative interpretations of the usual models of public space. A constellation of places and looks on the contemporary city , which results in a call to promote a culture of urban transformations in which they can find the game, along with several good ideas and different forms of public space , tools and materials used landscape, garden and art project.  The concept of proximity, while referring to the same time the idea of ​​spatial contiguity, physical and geographical proximity of affective and relational as well as that of imminence in the temporal sense, invites us to consider the theme of the beauty of Housing as a common question, necessary and urgent. Urban Beauty ! Locations close and practices of resistance tells aesthetic metamorphosis of the landscape, nature of new projects and urban regeneration actions of spaces refused conducted with tenacity, courage and desire to produce images of poetic habitat. From the creative recycling of surface parking to the interventions of critical gardening, owned by the reactivation of abandoned places reinterpretation of squares and sidewalks citizens as unexpected play areas, landscaping the reinvention of aseptic green areas affirmation of an informal garden art resistant : to compose a heterogeneous landscape and vital social spaces, made of experiments, practical and inventive reworking of the usual figurative models of garden and public space. A constellation of places and looks on the contemporary city to promote a culture of change when you leave the game in social responsibility,  research the many expressions of beauty and to the tools of landscape architecture and contemporary art of the gardens. Author: Anna Lambertini, edited by Compositori.

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